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QLD Budget Map

The Queensland Government’s Budget Map application showcase how Budget Funding is spent using an interactive map.

Users can explore the map and view the initiatives, programs and capital expenditure projects that form part of the 2017-18 Queensland State Budget. It also contains a web portal which facilitates data collection and processing. 

McKinsey On Education

The McKinsey Education Practice had developed a vast amount of content to help improve education systems globally and intended to scale up impact by engaging clients in multiple new geographies. 

To increase the accessibility of the practice’s knowledge to clients as well as make the exploration tool easy for clients to gain value, a user friendly “smart” interface was developed to enable clients to quickly identify relevant education interventions based on their current circumstance using a rapid, low cost software development methodology.

QLD Budget site

Designed the Queensland Government’s Budget website which presents an overview of overview of the state economy, and details the priorities the government will deliver.

QLD Back to Work campaign

Designed the Queensland Government’s 2 year $100 million Back to Work campaign website 

Back to Work aimed to give businesses the confidence to employ jobseekers in Queensland regions, with a focus on disadvantaged jobseekers.


MedElite is a patient management system for medical practices. It provides the tools to store and access patient information, manage consultations, medicine stock, medical aids, reports and invoices. Built with Laravel and AngularJS.

Tender Track

Digitisation system using a document scanning station to scan invoices; then process, index and manage the digital records.

Pie City Bake Plan

Web based system that helps to predict when stores should bake pies. The system takes data points as input and calculates the number of pies stores in the country should bake to meet targets. 

The client has 165 stores across South Africa, 9 in Botswana, and 3 in Zambia.


Development of a hybrid app on iOS and Android using React Native for a chain of pharmacies in South Africa.

 The app aims to allow users to order prescription medication, book appointments and chat to pharmacy staff. The backend was designed in AWS with a micro-service architecture to allow for scalability.


An automated reporting platform for the Hunter Valley division. 

This platform acts as a central system to capture and process data from multiple cloud based and network based applications bringing in automation where possible to compile a monthly reporting outlook.

An excel based tool to allow the capture of data whilst maintaining integrity and allowing data to be mined and used for reporting. 

This is an initial modular solution as part of a larger project to enable a technological transformation throughout the workplace.


A free way to increase your website traffic and boost Alexa rankings. Ranked the #1 Alexa booster. 



A service to your campaign go viral by offering rewards for social shares and creating an illusion of limited spaces available. 

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